Pardo GT52: Cantiere del Pardo is ready to launch the galley-up layout.

After three intense days, April 22-24, 2022, entirely dedicated to uncovering the new Pardo GT52 galley-down layout, June has finally seen the second version in the water as well: Pardo GT52 galley-up layout.

A special day of cruising: accompanied by photographer Alberto Cocchi and video maker Alessandro Guerrieri, Pardo GT52 cruised the waters of the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Emilia-Romagna. The eye-catching design of Pardo GT52 made it natural for the two professionals to capture all the elegance and smooth behaviour on the waves of the latest born in Pardo Yachts.

Furthermore, unmistakable hull lines and inverted bow design were made even bolder by the grey paint. The shoot dedicated to the GT52 in her galley-up layout proves Pardo Yachts’ attention to the organization of interior spaces, maintaining constant continuity with the exterior: a challenge aimed at affirming habitability that transforms the perception of spaces, enhancing the time spent on board, especially during long cruises.

A dedicated video reveals Pardo GT52 double soul:

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